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Sacramento Cleaning Services

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Cleaning is a service that people will always need to happen. While light cleaning can, and should, be done by homeowners and office works, there will, no doubt, come times when your spaces just need a bigger cleaning. When the amount of cleaning that you need done seems overwhelming to you, that’s when it is time to give us a call and let us come in and get your space completely tidied up! We will always work hard to make sure that your space feels light, clean and just as beautiful as the day you moved in to it.

About Us

We have been servicing the Sacramento area for years now and, over that time, we have grown and evolved in to the number one cleaning company in the area. We take pride in having the reputation that we do, as we have worked incredibly hard to build that up; making all of our clients happy in the process. We employ the latest cleaning techniques and use the most efficient tolls we can, to make sure that every job is done well. And, when we can, we also use eco-friendly products to make sure that the environment is healthy and safe.


Our Services

We offer Sacramento cleaning services in a plethora of different area. Currently we are offering services like: house cleaning services, maid services, carpet cleaning services, home cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, service master clean, office cleaning services, window cleaning services, apartment cleaning services, floor cleaning services, moving in cleaning services, move out cleaning services, residential cleaning services, couch cleaning services and upholstery cleaning services. As you can see, we really try and offer as many cleaning services as we can so that we never have to say no to a client.

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Move In and Move
Out Cleaning

If you are an apartment owner, it is always a good idea to have a deep cleaning done before a new tenant moves in. Giving a new tenant an apartment that feels completely new is a great way to earn their trust and make them want to stay fo yeas. Conversely, if you are currently renting an apartment and moving out, have a deep clean done is the best way to get back as much of your deposit as possible.

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Post Construction Cleaning

If you are having a major construction project done at your home or business, it makes sense that there is probably debris and dust all over the place. When this is the case, let us come in and pick everything up so that your post construction blues are a thing of the past. We can eliminate all of the dust, so that your home feels perfect to you!

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House Cleaning

House cleaning is really the big thing that we offer. This is our number one requested service. With house cleaning, we can tackle any space that you need taken care of. We can hit your kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage. No mess is too big for us and we promise that we can clean anything. If you need this service done, let us know and we will be there for you!

“Sacramento Pro Cleaning did a fantastic job in our home. We had them do a full home cleaning and we couldn’t be happier. They got every inch of our place, including baseboards and all of the small corner. Really great work and we couldn’t be more happy.” - Tony P.

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“When my husband and I decided to move out of our longtime apartment, we know it needed to be cleaned and so, we reach out to Sacramento Pro Cleaning to get it done. They cleaned the entire apartment so well that it seriously looks brand new. Incredible job.” - Katie R.

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“We needed a deep office cleaning and, because of that, we called Sacramento Pro Cleaning and scheduled a cleaning with them. They absolutely killed it! They emptied trashes, wiped down all fo the workstations and even cleaned our huge office windows. We would definitely recommend them to anyone!” - Zach P.

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Commercial Cleaning

If you are the leader, or owner, of a commercial space and you notice that it could use a big clean, let us know and we would be happy to do it for you. If you are in an office space, we can wipe down each station and make sure that the floors and trashes are taken care of. If you are in a warehouse, we can help put it in order!

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Floor Waxing

If you have any type of hard flooring in your home or business, we would love to make them shine for you. With floor waxing, we can bring in the newest tools and solution and put in the elbow grease to really make your floors pop! In a home, this will make it feel like new and, in a business, this will make customers want to spend more money!

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Window Cleaning

Another great service we offer is window cleaning. In a home, windows are meant to bring the outside, in and make your space feel inviting so, it’s important that they are clean. In a business, your windows are meant to entice shoppers to come inside and spend money. If your storefront is dirty, this will have the opposite effect. And, in an office space, we can even clean those gigantic, floor to ceiling windows for you!

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We support our fellow cleaning service providers all over the world. We can vouch for their high quality service the same way that we vouch for our service. Check them out if you're in their area.

Contact Us Today

If you have read through our services and think that the things we are offering are right for you, than please don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know! We are always happy to talk to new clients. For this reason, we have included our main number on this site. During normal business hours, you can always get a hole of someone to discuss your future cleaning project. We have also included an easy to fill out contact form on this site which will let you send us over a quick  message!