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About Us

Portrait Of Happy Diverse Janitors In The Office With Cleaning Equipments

We are a professional cleaning company in the greater Sacramento area. Over the last several years of business, we have worked incredibly hard to become the number one cleaning company in this area. We have made an amazing reputation for ourselves, based on the hard work that we do and the friendliness that we give out. Because of that, almost all of our customers are rebates customers. These customers trust our work ethic and know that we will always get the job done to the best possible level that it can be done to. We can tackle a wide variety of cleaning projects; from your home to your office to your new construction site. We are here for all of your cleaning needs so, when you want us to come out, just let us know!

We approach every job with a smile on our face and a sincere passion to help you out. We want whatever space we clean to feel like it is brand new for you. We will get in to every corner, every  nook and cranny, to make sure that nothing in your home or business is missed. We will take out the trashes, deep clean the floors and wipe down every surface so that you feel good and comfortable in your space. We know we are the best cleaning service around and we want to show you exactly why that is. If you are in need of a cleaning, let us be the company to do it for you!