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Commercial Cleaning

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If you have a commercial space that needs cleaning, we can do that for you as well. Because commercial spaces usually see another of traffic, it makes sense that they can get incredibly dirty. And, because of the size of commercial spaces, it can make cleaning a pretty big burden. For this reason, we would love to clean for you. No matter what kind of commercial space you have, we assure you that we can get it cleaned up and functioning like the day you first opened.

Workspace Cleanup

If your commercial space is an office space, it is probably divided in to several, different work stations. This means that there a re a lot of little spaces where trash and dirt and grime are collected. Keeping an office space clean or paramount to your continued success because a dirty office can lead to your staff getting sick and to them being unmotivated. We have the tools and time to make sure that each, individual space is wiped down, vacuumed out and that each trash is taken out and discarded. A clean office will lead to more work getting done.

Work Kitchen Cleaning

A work kitchen is a great thing to have in your office, but because it experiences a ton of traffic, it makes sense that it will need to be cleaned regularly. Everyone has different living styles, so that office kitchen probably becomes a magnet for all of the people with no manners. This can lead to the kitchen fridge becoming a nasty infestation of week old bologna sandwiches. We know you don’t want to take the time to clean that nasty out, so let us be the ones to do it. We can clean your kitchen, while you continue to get your work done!

Warehouse Cleaning

If your commercial space is a warehouse, it stands to reason that there are probably boxes and packing scraps everywhere. This kind of trash can lead to lesser productivity and it can also become a hazard to your employees and workflow. Rather than take time out of your working schedule to make sure that everything is picked up and put away, let us come in and get your warehouse in order. We can clean out all of the trash and we can sweep and mop floors so that your warehouse it sparkling clean.

Sales Floor Cleaning

Another commercial space that we can help to clean is a sales floor. It is incredibly important that a sales floor is clean, because if it is dirty, it will not entice people to want to spend money. The cleaner your sales floor is, the more trusting your customers are of you and the more money they will fell like spending. For this reason, we can come in after hours, and make sure that your store looks immaculate. We can throw trash in dumpsters, wipe down all of your fixtures, clean your mirrors and sweep, vacuum and mop your floors.