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Floor Waxing

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If you have hardened floors in your house or business, floor waxing is a great option to give those floors back their original shine. Floor waxing can be done on several types of flooring, ranging from wood to concrete to natural stone. Because floors look the most appealing, when they are sparkling clean, we want to bring them back to looking that way for you. In a home, waxed floors can feel refined and cozy and, in a business, waxes floors can help to feel elegant and make customers want to spend money.

Floor Cleaning

The first step to any good floor waxing is floor cleaning. In this step, we will move everything off of your floors including furniture and fixtures. If you are in a home, this means moving furniture, temporarily, to a new spot, so that we can get 100% of your floors waxed. If you are in a business, this means figuring out a way to move fixtures and shelving around, so that we can get to all of your floors; not just certain spots. We will also sweep and vacuum and mop in this step to make sure your floors are ready.

Floor Buffing

Floor buffing is the next step to waxing. While these two terms, buffing and waxing, are usually used interchangeably, they aren’t necessarily the same thing. Buffing is usually done with a slower rotations and is meant to help buff out any imperfections in your flooring. With a buffing tool and speciality solution, the buffing is meant to fill scratched and little dings with a nice polish that will make them less noticeable. Short of completely refinishing your floors, this is a great option to help get those floors looking like brand new.

Floor Waxing

Floor waxing is similar to buffing, in that it used a similar tool and similar solution. The difference is that, in waxing, a waxing machine is spinning very quickly, to leave your floors with an impressive amount of shine. Floor waxing is what really makes hard substance floors sparkle. Waxing can help to bring out the natural imperfections of the floor, which is what you want, while helping the unnatural imperfections disappear. A completely waxed floor is a stunning statement. If we are waxing your home floors, it will make guests feel like your home is perfectly clean and, if we are waxing your business floors, it will make customers feel like your space is brand new.

Types of Floors

Buffing and waxing are only done on hard floors. Carpet obviously does not need to be buffed or waxed and vinyl could be ruined by the power of a buffing machine. However, if you have wood, concrete or stone floors, buffing and waxing should not only be an option, it should be something you get done regularly. While each type of floor will take different speeds and power from the machine and different solutions to help them shine, they will all, undoubtedly, need to be waxed at some point to make them pop.