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House Cleaning

house maid doing bathroom cleaning

Your house is your home and, for that reason, it should always feel clean and relaxing. When your home doesn’t feel this way, it can lead to a lot of frustration. Because of this, we would love to help get your house cleaned up; making it feel like the oasis it should feel like it. You deal with enough at work, you shouldn’t have to deal with anything at home. If you are needing a house cleaning, let us know and we can do it for you!

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens are tough to clean. There are so many appliances, that all need to be cleaned differently, that it can be overwhelming. Not only that, but grout on backsplashes or tile counters can be incredibly hard to make look new again. If you are needing a deep kitchen clean, but simply don’t have the time or drive to do it, we totally get that and that’s why we are here. We can clean out the nasty food residue from your fridge and microwave. We can get your sink sparkling like new. We can even get all of the crumbs out from under your cabinets.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are another tough space to clean. Because of the nature of what we do in bathrooms, it can make wanting to clean them a hard pill to swallow. However, because bathrooms are places that we also all want to relax in, having them be clean is important to our comfort. If you are needing a bathroom cleaned, let us know. We promise you that we’ve seen worse, so you never need to feel ashamed. It’s our job to deal with the tough stuff and get your bathroom looking, and feeling, like it’s brand new.

Garage Clean Outs

Garages are amazing spaces. These beautiful add ons help us store our cars and workshops, but they can also become giant closets. Because garages are often out of sight and out of mind, they become places that we push all of our old stuff in to. This can create a problem. If you are noticing that your garage has become overwhelmed with old clothes, boxes and things you simply don’t need anymore, let us help you sort through it. We can arrange things in donation or trash piles and make sure that you garage feels neat and tidy.

Living Room Cleaning

The nature of a living room is that it becomes the space that is lived in the most. From our shoes getting thrown everywhere to our bags getting left to blankets and pillows from our couches being tossed, randomly, all over, living rooms become a collection of our daily lives. This ends up meaning that, a space that is supposed to be for relaxation, turns in to a space that is anything but. If you need a living room cleaned, we can get on it asap. We can clean the floors, clean your furniture, throw out trash and make your living space perfectly clean.