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Post Construction Cleaning

house maid cleaning counter top

If you are having a major construction project done, it would make sense that, after this project takes place, there will be a lot of area to clean. While builders and contractors can do their best to control the mess, there will always be things that get past them. Because of this, your home will definitely need a cleaning once construction ends. We would love to come in and help get your home back in order. If you are having a construction project started, schedule us to clean after!

Construction Site Cleaning

We can help clean at the actual construction site. Meaning, as your builders go through their motions, we can pick up after them; making sure that, as they go along, your construction site stays as tidy as possible. This will help to reduce the amount of cleaning time necessary when the project is over. We would love to be the company to come and help you clean. We can make sure that your home doesn’t make you feel like you are living in a trash heap. Let us come in and work our magic.


This may seem like an obvious service to offer, but it is paramount to getting your post construction home back in order. Construction has a habit of leaving a fine layer of dirt and dust all over everything and, because this can be harmful to breathe in, it needs to be taken care of. For this reason, we can come in and sweep up the bigger pieces. We can also vacuum to make sure that all of the dust is collected. Lastly, we can mop all of your floor surfaces, so that they feel and look as clean as they should.

Trash Throw Away

Another thing that we can help with, when it comes to post construction cleaning, is collecting and throwing away trash. There will no doubt be boxes of materials and used scraps all over the place after construction. These things can collect rather quickly and make your place feel completely out of order. For this reason, we can help to pick up all of the trash; making sure that it is disposed of how it should be. We will get recycling in to your recycling and get trash in to the trash bins; ultimately getting your receptacles out to the street for trash pick up.

Furniture Cleaning

Another thing that could be impacted from construction dust and debris is your furniture. Depending on what your furniture is made out of, it is possible that dust can settle in to it. This can make your furniture unpleasant to relax on, which is the opposite of what we want for you. For this reason, we can come in and deep clean your upholstery; making sure that your fabric is as clean (or even cleaner) than the day you bought it. We have special tools and cleaners to make sure that we will not damage any of your possessions.