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Our Services

house maid doing bathtub cleaning

Because cleaning encompasses such a large amount of things, we try and keep the types of services we offer just as plentiful. Over the years that we have been in business, we have truly cleaned it all; anything that you can think of, we’ve done. We are always looking for new experiences and things to clean so that we can expand our offerings and continue to learn and grow. Our company is all about evolving! We take pride in learning things from each new job we do and applying those things to every job that comes after. This evolution is one of the big things that has helped us to become the premiere cleaning company in Sacramento.

If you are currently leaving an apartment, that you have lived in for some time, odds are that you will need it cleaned pretty well in order to get your deposit back and we can do that for you! If you are having construction done, we’d love to help tidy up your space after that’s over. If you are simply needing your home cleaned, we have the tools to clean every room! We can also clean up your business or warehouse; improving moral and sales. In addition to this, we can also wax floors and make sure that your windows are sparkling clean! We currently offer the following services to the Sacramento area: